Featured Artists, Authors Announced for Fair

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Featured artists and author have been announced for the Kendallville Public Library's Art and Author Fair, planned for Friday, September 15 from 2:00 to 7:00 p.m. See below to find out who is joining us so far!

Professional artists and published authors are encouraged to submit an application to join the fair. It’s a great place for them to share their talents. These individuals can display and sell work, while making connections with the public and others in their field. Best of all, participation is free.

Those who are interested in participating can download an application here or pick up a copy in the library. Artists and authors are asked to have their applications completed by July 14 to be included in the best promotion of the event.

The Art and Maker Fair will be held in the Kendallville Public Library Art Gallery, in conjunction with the Kendallville Chamber of Commerce Showcase Kendallville and Job Fair being held in the library’s lower level rooms. Businesses interested in participating in Showcase Kendallville are encouraged to contact the Kendallville Chamber of Commerce at 260-347-1554.


Dawn Crandall

Dawn is the author of four inspirational/historical romance novels in the Everstone series. Learn more about her on her Amazon.com profile.

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Leland P. Gamson

He is the author of five children's books. Learn more about him at his website.

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Betty Hartman

Betty is the author of ten period-romance novels, all available on Amazon.com.

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Nick Hayden

Nick has published a number of Science Fiction/Fantasy novels. Click over to see his Amazon.com profile.

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Nick Hayden (8).jpg

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Nick Hayden (9).jpg

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Nick Hayden (10).jpg

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Stephen J. Herendeen

As a motivational speaker, Mr. Herendeen has published an inspirational book exploring the principles of Positive Mental Attitude. Find it here.

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Mark R. and Emily Hunter

Mark has written nine books in a variety of categories including Young Adult, History, Humor, Science Fiction, Romance and Non-Fiction. His wife, Emily, has partnered with him to write two books, and has provided graphic designs for many book covers.

Visit the Hunters' website for more information.











Nathan Marchand

Nathan Marchand writes science fiction, fantasy, adventure, and comedy stories, but he's also self-published several other books, including a devotional for geeks and nerds. Learn more about Nathan on his website.

Nathan Marchand (1).jpg

Nathan Marchand (2).jpg

Nathan Marchand (3).jpg

Nathan Marchand (4).jpg

Nathan Marchand (5).jpg


Belinda Wilson

Belinda is the author of one children's book, The Secret Life of Fireflies. Read more about her in this News Sun article.

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Harry J. Truman

Harry J. Truman contributed to My Grandfather's Grave with Steven Herendeen (also attending this event), and has published two more books. 

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Jill Bontrager

Jill paints realistic, detailed watercolors. Visit her website to see her work.

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Joan Bovee

Joan's glasswork has been shown at the past two Art Expos. She always brings something new to show and sell. Visit the Hickory Island Gallery Facebook page for more.

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Joan Bovee (1).jpg

Joan Bovee (2).jpg


David Button

David's realistic pencil drawings depict local landmarks, including areas in downtown Kendallville. See his work in a video created by the Kendallville Public Library prior to a display of his work.


Jerry Easterday

His paintings have been featured in past Art Expos, and he's well known for making his own frames, too.





Sandy Flack

Sandy paints a wide variety of scenes, and even includes her art on greeting cards.



Donald Weikle, Jr.

His photography, coupled with digital manipulation, gives a unique look to his artwork. 

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Donal Weikle 1.jpg

Donald Weikle 3.jpg