Features Added to Your Online Account

tree onlyi.pngEvergreen Indiana's upgrade over the New Year's holiday brought some changes to your account. You can take advantage of these new features by accessing your account at www.kendallvillelibrary.org. Need some help learning about your online account? Click here to access KPL Connect tutorials.

  • Change to Spanish language. Now at the top of the screen when you are in your account, you will see an option to change the language of the service to Spanish.
  • Your Holds List now lets you know where you stand in line. When you view your holds on your account, you'll see how many copies of that item are available, and where you are in the waiting list.
  • It's now easier to search all of Evergreen Indiana. When searching the catalog, you may only be searching the Kendallville Public Library. If we don't have what you are looking for, you can now click the check box right on the screen to Show Results for All Libraries.
  • Don't want to see eBooks? You don't have to. Now there is also a check box on the search screen to Exclude Electronic Resources. Click that and you'll see only physical copies of the item for which you are searching.
  • Find the Most Popular items. Now you can sort your item search in a variety of ways, including selecting the Most Popular items that meet your search criteria.
  • Want to place a hold on a specific magazine issue or TV show season? It's easier to do. Previously when placing a hold, you might have missed the Select a Part option. Now, it will be much more obvious when placing a hold on something - like a magazine or TV Series on DVD - that has multiple parts, such as issues or season.
We had expected to have the option of receiving emailed receipts, but unfortunately that didn't happen with the upgrade. Due to a mix-up in the documentation, the state library was led to believe that feature was complete and would be included in the recent upgrade. Turns out, it's not complete. However, they are working to bring it into production and plan to add it as a regular feature down the road.