Kendallville Public Library - Public Policies


Library Philosophy

Includes the library's mission, vision and values, plus the Library Bill of Rights and Freedom to Read/View information.


Library Operating Policies

Includes links to the library's operating hours and scheduled closings, as well as information about what happens in the event of weather related or emergency closings.


Patron Behavior

Gives information on what is acceptable behavior and what is unacceptable behavior for patrons in the library. This section details problem resolution, plus gives specific information on the library's unattended child policy.


Computer and Internet Policy

These policies guide the use of the library's public access computers and the Internet.


Circulation Policy

Includes information on lending periods, fines, fees, Evergreen Indiana and more.


Collection Development Policy

Guidelines that our staff follows in the selection of materials.


Meeting Room Use

Complete information for access to the library's meeting rooms for profit and non-profit use. 



Includes information on additional library services and their guidelines.