Meeting Room Use


The Kendallville Public Library has public meeting rooms available for use.

8.1     Philosophy

A major goal of the library is to provide for the informational, cultural, and educational needs of the public it serves.  Meeting rooms are provided with the expectation that they will be used to accomplish this goal.  Meeting rooms will be available to groups in the community regardless of the beliefs and affiliations of their members.  The fact that a group is permitted to meet at the library does not constitute an endorsement of its policy or beliefs.    Library sponsored programs will have first priority in scheduling. All other meetings will be scheduled on a first come, first served basis.


8.2     Reservations

Meetings can be scheduled, Monday through Saturday, during a calendar year. After October 1 of each year, meetings for the following calendar year can be scheduled. Reservations for meeting rooms can be made:

  •  In person at KPL or LPL
  • By telephone (KPL: 260-343-2010 or LPL: 260-854-2775)
  • Online at through the Reserve a Meeting Room link.

Information needed includes:

  •  Name of the company or organization
  • Time and date desired
  • Number of participants expected
  • Contact information for the person scheduling the meeting.


8.3     Restrictions

The library reserves the right to control the time, manner, and place of all meetings.  The library is authorized to deny permission to use library rooms to any group that violates any regulations in this policy. The library director will decide any questions of interpretation.  Smoking is not permitted in any area of the library or on library property.

Neither the name nor the address of the Kendallville Public Library may be used as the official address or headquarters of an organization. 

Meetings of 2-250 people at the Kendallville Public Library and 2-50 at the Limberlost Public Library can be accommodated.

Room Capacity:

KPL Meeting Room A:            35       

KPL Meeting Room B:            35

KPL Meeting Room C:            75

KPL Meeting Room D:            100

KPL Meeting Room E:             40 (library use only)

KPL Meeting Room 1:             12

KPL Meeting Room 2:             12       

KPL Meeting Room 3:             12

KPL Meeting Room 4:             18

KPL Board Room:                   10

KPL Art Gallery:                      100

KPL Study Room 1:                 2

KPL Study Room 2:                 2

KPL Study Room 3:                 3

LPL Small Meeting Room:       6

LPL Large Meeting Room:      50

Meeting Room E may only be reserved in conjuction with Rooms C & D, with staff approval, and requires a minimum of 72 hours notice.


 8.4     Fees

Rooms will be available for civic, educational, and cultural uses without charge unless the user charges a non-refundable fee or the rooms are used for monetary gain. “Monetary gain” refers to any uses by profit-making organizations.

Fee Schedule:

KPL Meeting Room A:           $25.00   Fee for using A & B will be a $50 charge

KPL Meeting Room B:           $25.00

KPL Meeting Room C:           $50.00   Fee for using C&D will be a $100 charge

KPL Meeting Room D:           $50.00   

KPL Meeting Room E:            $50.00   Fee for using C, D & E will be a $150 charge

KPL Meeting Room 1:            $25.00   Fee for using both 1 & 2 will remain $25

KPL Meeting Room 2:            $25.00

KPL Meeting Room 3:            $25.00

KPL Meeting Room 4:            $25.00

KPL Art Gallery:                     $25.00

LPL Small Meeting Room:      $25.00

LPL Large Meeting Room:     $25.00

Cash-only deposits of $25 (Rooms A, B) or $50 (Rooms C, D) per event will be charged for the private party use of meeting rooms, including baby or wedding showers, birthday parties, etc. The library has specific requirements for the return of deposits. These requirements include, but are not limited to, completing these tasks when the meeting is finished:

  • Vacuuming
  • Cleaning equipment, tables and chairs, kitchen items
  • Re-setting tables and chairs to follow the room diagram
  • Turning off lights
  • Taking the trash to the bins on the south side of the library building (KPL)
  • Checking restrooms and turning off lights if staying after library hours
  • Making sure the library doors close and lock behind you if staying after library hours

 Failure to complete any of these tasks will result in forfeiture of the deposit.


  8.5     Physical Arrangements

Meeting rooms are kept locked. Upon arrival, someone from your group must visit the Circulation Desk to pick up a key and an attendance slip. When the meeting has concluded, attendance slips and keys must be returned to the Circulation Desk.

Tables and chairs are provided. Additional equipment must be reserved at the time the meeting room reservations are being made.  Chair and table arrangements are the responsibility of the group arranging the meeting. Someone from the group should arrive in time to arrange chairs and tables as desired. Rooms must be reset to the original diagram found posted in each room. Users are responsible for damages to meeting rooms. Those costs are determined on a case-by-case basis, but will be in line with the damage caused. 

Light refreshments or packaged meals may be served in the rooms.  Storage of items needed for meetings scheduled frequently at the Kendallville and Limberlost Public Libraries will be determined on a case-by-case basis at the discretion of the library director.


 8.6     Cancellations

 It is the responsibility of the person scheduling the meeting to inform the library of meeting cancellations. Patrons are required to give 24 hours notice when meetings are cancelled, so that other organizations may use the room. In cases of severe weather or in other situations outside of the library’s control, the libraries may be forced to close. If the libraries close, then all meeting room fees are refundable. The library will make an effort to contact the individuals, businesses and organizations affected by such a closure, but the information will typically be available:

  1. On the library’s website at
  2. On the library’s Facebook and Twitter pages
  3. From WKJG-TV NBC33
  4. From WPTA-TV 21Alive ABC
  5. From WANE-TV Newschannel 15
  6. From WAWK 95.5 FM
  7. On