Miscellaneous Policies


The Kendallville Public Library community bulletin board is only for those items from non-profit organizations or educational institutions. Postings not meeting these guidelines will be removed from the board. Please have items approved at the circulation desk before posting it on the board. Questionable items will be referred to the director for a determination. The decision of the director is final.



The Kendallville and Limberlost Public Libraries provide display and exhibit areas at no charge on a reserved basis to governmental agencies, not-for-profit organizations, local businesses, schools and universities, and to groups and individuals engaged in educational, civic, cultural, intellectual, and charitable activities. The library reserves the right to limit the content, size, number of items, schedule of any display, and the frequency with which the individual, group, or organization shall sponsor a display. The library has first priority for all display and exhibit areas for library purposes. A statement of sponsorship of the display shall be included in all displays. All display and exhibits are available for viewing by the public during regular library hours. Permitting the use of library display and exhibit areas does not constitute an endorsement by the library of policies or beliefs presented in the display or exhibit. Materials and services may not be offered for sale. The library reserves the right to cancel any exhibit should conditions or situations warrant such action. The library assumes no responsibility for loss or damage to display and exhibit materials and all items are display at the owner's risk. The library will not provide storage for the property of individuals or groups displaying items in the library.



The Kendallville Public Library is not obligated to offer projects to enable residents to fulfill their court ordered community service requirements. If there are no tasks available for persons filling community service requirements, they will be told there is nothing available at this time. Community service workers who fail to report for work at the agreed upon time and date and do not call or who fail to perform the requested duties satisfactorily will be terminated and not allowed to perform any additional community service work at the library.