Russell Frehse Genealogy Center


Available Resources:

  • (see tutorial video below)
  • Microfilm
  • Public Computers
  • Copy/Scan Services
  • Yearbooks
  • Family Histories
  • State and Local History
  • Phone Directories
  • Military Records
  • News Sun Obituaries
Research Tip to Get You Started: Talk to your living relatives to find out as much of your family's story as you can. Gather names and dates, which will help guide you as you compile information. The most important thing is to at least know the name and city of residence of one person in your family who was alive in 1940. That's the most recent public census, and it's a great place to start.
Need help getting started with your family research? Contact Information Specialist Cheryl Coons at 260-343-2018 or